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What is the Genesis Parent portal?

What is the Genesis Parent portal?

Genisis is a student information system (SIS) used widely throughout New Jersey and elsewhere. While you won’t need it for your newborn, you may encounter it for your school-bound kids.

How do I set up a Parents Genesis account?

Usually, the request to initiate an account for parent access comes from the school district that serves your address. If your child is going to a new school, you may want to talk to the administrators directly about any new forms or any website links that you need to know to become registered in the new system.

What is the Parent access link to open the parent portal?

While you could Google “parent access account” and find any number of Genesis access links, here are some of the most common parent access log-on sites. Ask your school district for the link to access.

What if I get an error when I try to log on?

Some of these sites check your IP address and they block computers logging on from places outside the United States or far from the primary zipcodes of the address where the schools are located. If you are traveling internationally and receive a following error, you may need to use a VPN to gain access to your children’s student information system.

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