What is Renweb?

Renweb is one of many school management software options you might come across as a new parent. Your newborn won’t need it but by kindergarten, student portals will become a way of life.

Parents can access Renweb or FACTS through a password protected portal, but school administrators and admissions teams can also view information that helps them see across the whole student body – demographics, sibling and family relationships, as well as grading and enrollment. Renweb competes with other parents-focused private access sites like EduKool and SMS (School Management System).

What is FACTS SIS/Renweb Family Portal?

In 2018, Renweb and FACTS announced their rebrand to one single brand “FACTS”. The simple name and the rebrand were predated by the 2014 acquisition of Renweb by FACTS. Now under one name, the brand offers K-12 private schools with lots of convenience through a SIS — student information system — that allows parents and administrators to communicate and share information through a password-protected portal.

To learn more about FACTS SIS, you can check out the FACTS mgt site to learn more.

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What is Renweb SIS Gradebook?

Good question. Administrators at your kids’ school would be responsible for setting up the FACTS SIS grade book, which will contain grading codes and standards, curriculum/syllabi, graded assignments, and more. No more asking to see your kid’s report card at the end of the year. This feature in FACTS SIS allows parents to follow their child’s progress throughout the year.

What is the Family Portal?

FACTS Family portal offers loads of convenience. The parent solution offered by FACTS offers one-stop shopping for seeing your kids’ admissions, enrollment, school schedule, grades, homework, and more. You might also be able to pay for tuition and lunch fees in this SIS.

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Is there a Secure parents portal?

FACTS SIS is secure and private. Parents can select their password and change their password – when/ if they need to.

How do I set a FACTS SIS Login?

Information about the FACTS Student Information System (SIS) is available here. Login information varies by school, but in the top right-hand corner of this site, you can access both the family login and the school login. You can plug in the password you created and access all the information you need to know.

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