Promocode for $5Off of $55 course
Promocode for $5Off of $55 course
Promocode for $5Off of $55 course
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Preggy Finance: The Ultimate Money Guide for your Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Journey

Preparing financially for the monumental decision to grow your family is overwhelming and confusing. Costs arise that you never see coming. Laws and options change every year. And most resources only cover new baby expenses – not the multitude of costs impacting mom’s health and career.

That’s why we created the ultra-comprehensive Preggy Finance video course. This is your all-in-one money guide for the multi-year journey to parenthood.

What’s Inside:

5 In-Depth Video Modules Spanning Over 90 Minutes

  • Module 1: Pre-Conception Costs – IVF, egg/sperm freezing, genetic testing, prenatal vitamins, supplements, acupuncture, and more
  • Module 2: Pregnancy Expenses – Doctor visits, ultrasounds, tests, doulas, chiropractors, prenatal massage, and costs you may not expect
  • Module 3: Labor, Delivery, and Hospital Stays – Breakdowns for hospital, birth center, and home birth options and their price ranges
  • Module 4: Postpartum Recovery and Costs – Pelvic floor therapy, lactation consultants, mental health support, and overlooked mom expenses
  • Module 5: Pediatric Visits and Childcare – How to estimate these major recurring costs for baby’s first 2 years and beyond
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Plus, you’ll gain priceless knowledge to help you:

  • Budget wisely at each stage, using our worksheets
  • Have the crucial money talks at work to get what you need regarding leave, accommodation, insurance, disability pay, and more
  • Take advantage of little-known grants, tax credits, programs, and ways to reduce costs
  • Feel confident, informed, and financially prepared for this monumental life transition
  • Stop stressing over the unknowns and get total peace of mind! The complete Preggy Finance course is just $55 – an investment that pays for itself many times over.

    Take control of your money and join the path to parenthood you can afford!

Disclaimer:The information on and in this course is general and not professional advice.All course materials, such as text, images, videos, and audio recordings, are protected by copyright and owned by Nafeesah Allen LLC for enrolled students’ use. The author(s) are not certified financial advisors or doctors, and this course is not a replacement for professional guidance. Decisions involving finances carry risks and should be made in consultation with a certified professional. does not guarantee information accuracy and is not responsible for errors or consequences. By participating, you acknowledge that the information is not financial advice, and you agree to hold the author and harmless from any resulting consequences.

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