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Best Apps For Tracking Your Pregnancy (and their cost)

Best Apps For Tracking Your Pregnancy (and their cost)

Pregnancy can be an exciting yet overwhelming time, especially for first-time moms. Luckily, there are some great apps available to help you track your pregnancy and prepare for baby’s arrival! For a new mom, the right pregnancy tracker can be a game changer for mental load. Whether you want to monitor your baby’s development, connect with other moms, craft a grocery list with new foods, or simply organize all the details – these trackers have got you covered.

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Why Is A Baby Tracker Helpful

Using a baby tracking app during your parenting journey is invaluable for many reasons:

  • Keep organized notes about baby’s growth and your body’s changes weekly.
  • Learn what fruit or veggie baby (or peanut) size matches the baby.
  • Find support with taking prenatal vitamins, doctor’s appointments, to do list, and sleep.
  • Monitor symptoms and complaints in one place. Handy to keep doctors on the same page!
  • Connect with other parents at the same stage of pregnancy. Community support from other parents is everything!

Whether you want medical or life insights, a quality app is an invaluable resource for every mom-to-be!

What Is The Number One Pregnancy Tracker App

What to Expect

Based on online reviews and expert recommendations, the number one pregnancy app is What to Expect. As the companion app for the popular book What to Expect When You’re Expecting, it offers an impressive depth of knowledge pregnant women have relied on for decades.

Some standout features:

  • Customizable trackers for baby’s growth, kick counts, weight gain, symptoms, and more
  • Daily articles on bodily changes, nutrition, discomforts, and preparing for baby
  • Thousands of parenting tips and advice from medical experts
  • 3D illustrations and videos of fetal development
  • Groups and forums to get advice from fellow moms

While the basic app is free, a premium upgrade unlocks guided programs, ebooks, and expert video chats for only $2.99/month.

The Best App For Tracking Babys Development In Utero

Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy offers captivating graphics showcasing your baby’s weekly development. Its stunning 3D and 2D animations depict your baby’s changes, with developmental milestones, discomforts, nutrition, and more.

Additional popular features include:

  • Contraction timer and kick counter
  • Storage for ultrasound photos
  • Journaling space
  • Hospital bag checklist
  • Name list builder

While Sprout offers both free and paid versions, unlocking the premium features and content is only $3.99/month or $39.99 for the full pregnancy journey. For comprehensive education and graphics, Sprout Pregnancy is a top-rated option for under $5/month.

What Is The Best App For Tracking Contractions

Contraction Timer and Counter

When those contractions kick in, having a great app with an accurate tracker nearby brings huge peace of mind. The best for timing and recording contractions is Contraction Counter and Timer.

Its simple visual interface lets you easily:

  • Time contraction duration down to the second
  • Track time between contractions
  • Record intensity on a 0-5 scale
  • Save a complete history to analyze patterns
  • Export contraction data to share with your doctor

It also includes handy tools like a kick counter, weight tracker, and hospital bag checklist. Available for Android, Contraction Counter and Timer does exactly what an expectant mama needs when labor begins – and it does it well! This app can be downloaded and used for free, but comes with some optional in-app purchases.

What Is The Best App For Daily Baby Development After Birth

Baby Connect by Seacloud Software

Once giving birth, you won’t be a sound sleeper. Keeping up with all those baby milestones and documenting precious moments becomes your new full-time job! The best for daily baby development is Baby Connect by Seacloud Software.

Trusted by over 130,000 parents worldwide, Baby Connect helps you:

  • Track feedings, diapers, sleep, activities and more
  • Log doctor stats like immunizations, height and weight
  • Create reminder alerts for medications, baths or tummy time
  • Backup all data to the cloud for easy sharing with family members
  • Access from any device, like your phone, tablet or computer

There is a free version and a $4.99 one time fee for a subscription.

From late-night feedings and diaper changes to exciting first steps, Baby Connect provides much-needed organization for new parents!

Best Apps for Baby Milestone Tracking

As pediatricians know, timing various developmental leaps is crucial for understanding baby’s crankiness phases and notching milestones. That’s where Wonder Weeks becomes your best friend!

Based on the bestselling book The Wonder Weeks, this app helps new parents predict and track major mental developmental leaps that can cause fussy behavior. By understanding these “wonder weeks,” moms and dads can better stimulate baby during growth spurts.

The Wonder Weeks app provides:

  • 10 developmental leap guides from 0 to 20 months
  • Updates on baby’s likely behavior
  • Easy log for tracking leap timelines
  • Text and email alerts about upcoming leaps

For a price of $5.99, the Wonder Weeks app packs the leap info and milestone markers every new parent should know. Combined with a daily tracker like Baby Connect, the Wonder Weeks app brings helpful context to better understand babies’ progress.

What Are The Best Postpartum Recovery Apps

Recovering from pregnancy and labor isn’t easy, but handy apps can offer much-needed support. Two of the best postpartum recovery apps are:

Flo Postpartum Care

woman, pain, period

Flo helps new moms monitor healing and self-care with trackers for:

  • Bleeding and discharge
  • Pain levels
  • Breastfeeding sessions
  • Baby sleep tracker
  • Plus articles, meditations and health tips

The app has weekly ($1.39), monthly ($11.49) and annual ($39.99-$59.99) subscription levels.

Squeezy App

Squeezy App

For a price tag of $2.99, Squeezy guides women through pelvic floor exercises via gentle reminders and animated Kegels tutorials. These core workouts help re-strengthen internal muscles stretched during pregnancy and delivery.

While juggling postpartum care often feels overwhelming, Flo and Squeezy provide organization and peace of mind that every new mom deserves as her body recovers.

What Is The Best Baby Growing App

TinyBeans app

Capturing your newborn’s rapid growth and precious moments has never been easier, thanks to TinyBeans – the best baby growing app on the market.

Tinybeans lets parents easily:

  • Invite family and friends into a private group
  • Share unlimited photos and milestone updates
  • Maintain total control over content and members
  • Customize into a modern baby book/journal

Grandparents love watching babies grow each week, while you enjoy streamlined sharing without social media. Features like unlimited photo storage and custom organizational hashtags make TinyBeans a parent favorite and a must-download for every new family!

The app is free to download with a 14-day trial. After that, choose between Tinybeans Free and Tinybeans+. Tinybeans Free comes with 20 monthly uploads with ads, while Tinybeans+ costs $7.99/month or $74.99/year and comes with Unlimited uploads, no ads, and 2TB storage.

What Is A Good First Time Mom App

Peanut app

As a finishing introductory app for new moms with a little bit of everything for pregnancy through newborn, first-time moms vouched for Peanut app as a “lifesaver” during their transition to parenthood.

Other than the fact that it’s COMPLETELY FREE, some key features that make Peanut great include:

  • Meet other women at the same stage of motherhood in your area
  • Anonymous community forums to ask “awkward” questions
  • Discussion groups for all types of parenting journeys
  • Finding mom friends IRL via meetups
  • Sharing advice on any topics from pregnancy, babies, and more!

The sense of whole family, community and candid wisdom in the Peanut app gives new moms the empathy, laughs, and tips needed to stay sane through new parenthood!

What Is The Peanut App & How To Find Mom Friends

As highlighted above, Peanut is a social networking app specifically for women to find friendships during pregnancy and motherhood. Core features that allow moms to participate in:

  • Local mom meetup groups
  • Anonymous community forums
  • Direct messaging other moms nearby
  • Shared photos and locations (optional)
  • Customizable profile & media privacy

Whether seeking parenting advice, a playdate, new friends, or simply comfort in common experiences, Peanut provides a uniquely tailored network. Best of all, it’s totally free to join groups, chat, and interact!

Is There An App To Track Postpartum

BabyTime app

Yes, there are several helpful apps for tracking postpartum! Flo Postpartum Care allows new moms to monitor bleeding, pain, breastfeeding, and general self-care.

Similarly, the BabyTime app includes postpartum trackers for:

  • Mood changes
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Sexual activity
  • Weight changes
  • And more!

BabyTime also incorporates tools for baby sleep, feeding, growth stats, and milestones – making it an all-encompassing app for the postpartum period. This app is free to download and use.

Is There An App For Baby Loss


Yes, several apps help you cope with the immense grief of losing a baby. One of such is a free app called “Loss.” This app offers a safe space for grieving parents. It also provides resources and hope for navigating the difficult emotions that come with baby loss.

It’s important to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to surviving a hard time in your life, and what works for some people may not work for others. But these apps can be a great resource for anyone seeking support and understanding during this challenging time.

What Are Other Pregnancy Labor Postpartum Apps

Amila – Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

  • 3D fetal development visuals
  • Kick counter
  • Hospital bag checklist generator
  • Free to download and use

WebMD Pregnancy

  • Week-by-week baby development updates
  • Daily health and nutrition articles
  • Symptom checker tool
  • Free to download and use

Contraction Timer & Counter 9m App

  • Simple visual tracker for contractions
  • Graphs for visualizing patterns
  • Note section for questions to ask doctor
  • Free to download and use

Natural Cycles Contraception App

  • Postpartum mode to monitor return of fertility
  • Log first period, PMS, symptoms
  • Avoid surprises if not ready for #2!
  • Free to download, offers in-app purchasesiphone, hand, screen


Pregnancy and new parenthood can throw parents many curveballs. Even when you’re creating your baby, that little peanut can spell a lot of changes for birthing women. Utilizing the best apps before and after the baby arrives can help parents post questions, monitor the baby’s development, improve sleep, find friends, join groups based on their location, and organize to-dos.

Let your glow baby bring joy. Reduce anxiety, prevent surprises, create community, and never forget to have fun with your little newborn.

Let help you navigate what to expect by way of time, money, and savings for your parenting journey.


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