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Child Care Licensing Information

Child Care Licensing Information

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Child care centers are generally located on commercial premises but not always. Wondering “How can I find good childcare centers that I can afford?” You are not alone. You want your child to be healthy and safe while in a daycare facilities. And that means keeping them away from other children who might be sick, as well as adults who don’t know the right ways to provide care for your child.

Most people think in-home child care programs are family child care homes that are much cheaper than licensed child care centers but, when it comes to child care programs, parents have to consider many factors. Every child care center is different, and child care regulations vary by city, county, and state. Before you contact or visit the available daycares that operate in your area, here’s what you need to know:

Licensing Ensures Minimum Health and Safety Requirements for Child Care Programs

For legal operation, the program must satisfy minimum safety standards. These requirements help ensure that children’s education is provided in an enriched environment that fosters the growth and learning of their children. This supervision requirement outlines include important things:

Learn More About How Your State or Territory Licenses Child Care Programs by Age

Along with the federal requirements states have additional licensing requirements for children varying from state to state and local. How do I find child care licensing in my state? Find out more about childcare options by visiting this link.

In-Home Child Care programs

The state and territory may not require the licensing of some child care services when they meet these requirements. Consequently, in-home child care providers who participate in the child support program are exempt under the following state or territory regulations:

Center-Based Child Care Programs

Some states require no child protection licenses from centres. The center child care program is controlled under a federal agency different from the agency governing childcare license issuance. A few center-based child care programs legally exempt include:

You Can Report Concerns About a Licensed Child Care Program

Upon request you can complain about alleged unsafe activities at a licensed child protection facility. Almost all states have dedicated phones that are dedicated for such matters. Several states and territories allow the submission of complaints on the Web. The Childcare License Office in your region will consider all complaints. Learn more regarding child care complaints on this page.

FAQs for Parents

How much does it cost to use licensed child care programs? Is there a difference between school age children and babies?

Does a daycare center get licensed or does the owner get licensed?

What are staff qualifications? Do they need a license for childcare too?

What age – based safety standards are required in a licensed child care facility?

Does a daycare in California, Kentucky, New York, Maryland, South Carolina and New Jersey need a child care center license?

The California Community Care Licensing Division has the authority to license all family day care homes. The program is subject to the requirements of California Administrative Code Title 22 which is derived from the California Health Safety Code.

How many kids can you watch without a license in TN?

The Tennessee Department of Health and Human Services recommends providers obtain licenses to provide supervised child care for up to five separate kids for three hours daily.

Do daycares have to be licensed in Texas?

Texan law requiring employees in a child-care center to obtain an employment license from Child Care licensing.

How many kids can you babysit without a license?

In New York, one child cannot be supervised without the permission. If you regularly take care of three to six children at the home you must register for Family Day Care. A family day care provider provides daily care to children at home that spans three to four hours a day and includes the supervision of a child.


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